Liberia: Athletics’ Delegates Approve  US$41K Budget for 202

TRandall Street,  Monrovia  –  Delegates at the 64th General Assembly (Congress) of the Liberia Athletics Federation (LAF) have unanimously passed US$41,386.66 for 2023 Budget.

The Budget Cycle  of the LAF runs from  December  to November  of each year.

The annual assembly which brought to the fore stakeholders of athletics  was held Saturday, November 19 in the headquarters  of the Liberia National Olympic Committee (LNOC) on Randall Street, Monrovia.

The approved 2023 Budget of the LAF covers support  to kids athletics, national  athletics  and high  school  championships, travels’ perdiem,  tickets visas, support to national athletes camp in Liberia  and the USA, medical  hardwares, supplies and anti doping  amongst others.

Also, duing the one-day’s  congess,  delegates participated in the deliberations for the promotion and development of athletics and adopted  the  2021 Congress  Minutes,  the 2022 Activities Report and the 2023 Calendar  of Events.

The delegates further adopted the 2022 Financial Report  of which  US$15, 383.00 was expended and US$62.00 brought forward.

Saturday’s general assembly contained a special message from LAF president Mulbah Zaza, where he congratulated the athletes, clubs, coaches  and executive committee.

“Let me make this clear to all  congress  delegates , that the Liberia  Athletics Federation has not  recieve a dime from  the Liberia  Marathon Trust (LMT)  for any reason. We worked with the LMT for the successful  hosting  of the 2022  Marathon,  and they  promised  to sponsor  Liberian athletes  to other marathons outside  the country,” Mr. Zaza said.

He added: “We look forward  to hearing from them.”

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